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COMANCO Employees Complete Pipe Fusion Training

COMANCO Employees Complete Pipe Fusion Training Course This past month, a group of COMANCO Employees participated in a specialized Pipe Fusion training course. Over the two-day training period, Jay Hicks and Roberto Fernandez trained 18 COMANCO employees in the newly …

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Brownfield Remediation in South Florida

Brownfield Remediation in South Florida: COMANCO Constructs Methane Gas Management System in Dania Beach. COMANCO’s Brownfield Remediation efforts are critical to sustainable land redevelopment in South Florida. One of our latest projects has been constructing a passive Methane Gas Management …

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The Buddy System: A Proven Safety Protocol

How COMANCO Uses the Buddy System to Protect Workers “The Buddy System” is defined as “a cooperative arrangement whereby individuals are paired or teamed up and assume responsibility for one another’s instruction, productivity, welfare, or safety.” This proven safety protocol …

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Advancing Gas Management Systems in Hialeah, FL

Cutting-Edge Geosynthetics Ensure Safety and Efficiency For Advancing Gas Management Systems in Hialeah, FL. COMANCO uses cutting-edge geosynthetics to advance gas management systems nationwide. This 186,000 SF Methane Gas Management System will ensure safety and efficiency for a future building …

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