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COMANCO Employees Complete Pipe Fusion Training

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COMANCO Employees Complete Pipe Fusion Training Course

This past month, a group of COMANCO Employees participated in a specialized Pipe Fusion training course. Over the two-day training period, Jay Hicks and Roberto Fernandez trained 18 COMANCO employees in the newly launched COMANCO Fusion Training Program. The course was conducted in accordance with ASTM F3190, Standard Practice for Heat Fusion Operator Qualification on Polyethylene(PE) and Polyamide (PA) Pipe and Fittings (where applicable). 

The session provided Small Diameter, Medium Diameter, and Datalogger Qualification training. Attendees practiced manual heat fusion of sizes ½” to 6″ DIPS with a McElroy 14 Pitbull fusion machine and Hydraulic heat fusion, covering sizes from 2″ IPS to 20″ OD HDPE Pipe on a McElroy 412 Hydraulic Fusion Machine. 

Employees also attended classroom training following ASTM F2620-20 Standard Practice for Heat Fusion Joining of Polyethylene Pipe and Fittings. This part prepared them for the hands-on pipe fusion practice, where they utilized the McElroy fusion machines and the McElroy Datalogger 6.

After the training course, each student demonstrated the foundational knowledge of Heat Fusion and Qualification outlined in the ASTM Standard. Additionally, employees learned how to distinguish acceptable and non-acceptable fusion joints by reviewing them visually and through the Datalogger reports. 


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