COMANCO is an environmental and civil construction company specializing in the construction of containment facilities for Industrial Chemical Plants, Solid Waste Companies, Power Generation, Mining Operations, Municipalities, and Utilities, providing geosynthetic lining and HDPE piping products and services.  We have been recognized annually, since 2004, as one of the Top 200 Environmental Firms in the country by Engineering News Record.

Finding Solutions

For over 30 years, COMANCO has found lasting solutions that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. We supply quality products that are installed by trained, experienced employees and backed by a company with a reputation for delivering exceptional service and value.  Each year, our experienced crews install over 100 million square feet of geosynthetics at project sites across the nation, most have been with COMANCO for more than five years.

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Agriculture - COMANCO

Recently enacted environmental legislation makes the containment of wastewater and animal waste a requirement rather than an option.  COMANCO provides cost-effective solutions to prevent seepage of runoff that contains nitrates, ammonia, phosphorus and bacteria that can harm and foul waterways.  However, these contaminants – if properly contained and managed – can be applied to land nutrients, leading to a significant reduction in fertilizer costs.

Using the highest quality geosynthetic liner material, COMANCO builds lined and covered storage basins that allow for the retention of liquid and semi-solid waste for subsequent controlled disposal or land application.  Additionally, to prevent contaminants from entering into the surrounding environment, geosynthetic covered containment systems are also effective in reducing or eliminating odors. Traditional compacted soil and clay liners are simply not enough.  In addition to constructing new containment ponds and canal liners, COMANCO can also reline your existing ponds.

Climate change and population growth have increased the demand for water while America’s farmers are being asked to produce more with less.  At COMANCO, we are committed to doing our part through the use of advanced materials and systems to conserve water and prevent contamination of the groundwater and adjacent streams.

Since 1989, COMANCO has been working with the agricultural industry, across the country, to find and implement cost-effective solutions to help mitigate their legal and environmental risk.  Our highly trained engineers, quality control technicians, and field installers ensure the job is done the right way, ‘The COMANCO Way’.  We test every weld and seam and follow strict production protocols because your business and our reputation depend on it.

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Last summer, COMANCO installed a lining system for a fishing and recreational pond in Pocatello, Idaho.  The 8-acre pond consisted of 60-mil Textured High-Density polyethylene (HDPE), 8-ounce Non-Woven Geotextile and 200-mil (8-ounce) DS Geocomposite.  The channel feeding the pond was also lined with 60-mil Textured HDPE and was then covered with river rock to give a more natural look.  More than a dozen channel flaps were installed throughout the small creek to create deeper pools of water for the transplanted trout and salmon to spawn.

COMANCO is the leader in building geomembrane-lined Aquaculture ponds and lagoons for:

  • Fish hatcheries
  • Fish farming
  • Recreational fishing facilities
  • Shrimp and oyster farming
  • Seaweed and algae production

Geosynthetic liners installed by COMANCO offer the most economical and cost-effective solutions for modern aquaculture.  Once installed, the geomembrane provides superior leak protection and is virtually maintenance free.

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Decorative Ponds


Decorative ponds provide an added dimension to any architectural design.  COMANCO recently completed a project for the Florida Polytechnic University, lining seven ponds with 60-mil HDPE smooth geomembrane liner.  COMANCO then added two feet of soil, with sod, to cover the exposed banks, creating a natural look once the ponds were filled with water.  The time to complete each pond was approximately one week.

COMANCO installs decorative ponds for:

  • Golf Courses
  • Reflecting Ponds for Monuments
  • Commercial and Municipal Fountains
  • Artificial Landscape Features
  • Amusement Parks and Zoos
  • Private Homes
  • Public Gardens
  • Resorts

A decorative pond or lagoon lined with a geomembrane is vastly superior to the compacted clay-lined ponds of the past.  Compacted clay liners are expensive to install and tend to crack and leak over time.

COMANCO installs geosynthetic liners quickly and economically while using minimal equipment.  The flexibility of the geomembrane allows the liner to conform to any size and shape and can accommodate the most creative design requirements.  The edges of the liner can be blended into the surrounding landscape creating an undetectable transition.

To add the beauty of a decorative pond or lagoon to your next project, contact a COMANCO Specialist and discover the COMANCO difference.

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For over 27 years COMANCO has been constructing and installing floating covers as a cost-effective alternative to fixed cover systems for:


  • Liquid and semi-solid storage
  • Potable water storage
  • Odor control
  • Biogas capture
  • Chemical containment
  • Evaporation control
  • Reduce airborne containments and algae growth
  • Heat loss prevention

COMANCO offers a complete Floating Cover solution including:

  • Cable tensioned cover for potable and process water
  • Defined sump covers for potable and process water
  • Pressure dome covers for biogas capture and containment

COMANCO has extensive experience installing all types of geomembrane materials such as HDPE, reinforced polypropylene and XR-5, dependent upon the material to be contained.

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COMANCO supports the use of Geosynthetics for Sustainable Development.

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Floating Covers



A solid waste landfill is a complex, engineered system with many components working together to assure that environmental standards for containment are achieved. If you are a company or municipality responsible for handling millions of tons of solid waste every year, you understand the importance of keeping up with federal regulations and meeting EPA requirements.

COMANCO works with some of the largest solid waste companies and municipalities in the country, providing landfill construction services that include:

  • Geosynthetic liner installation including a complex “double-composite” system where multiple layers of membrane, clay components, and drainage medium are combined to provide ultimate prevention
  • Earthwork and site preparation
  • Landfill gas control and recovery piping systems

Using COMANCO’s proprietary software and GPS satellite technology, we can provide a geographically accurate rendering that includes the physical detail, elevation and panel by number of the site, leaving no room for error.

COMANCO meets or exceeds all current safety and quality control standards with a team of trained engineers, quality technicians, experienced field installers, and heavy equipment operators ready to start a project anywhere in the continental U.S. Canada and Puerto Rico.  Be assured the job will be done the right way, ‘The COMANCO Way,’ because your business and our reputation depend on it.

For over 30 years, COMANCO, your first choice for Safety, Quality, and Service.  Contact a COMANCO Specialist and discover the COMANCO difference.

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Precious metals’ mining has advanced for all precious metals, with the help of methods driven by escalating market prices and new technology.

For over 27 years, COMANCO has been helping mining producers, by providing efficient recovery solutions that allow the capture of every ounce of precious metals from wastewater effluent, while continuing to meet the EPA guidelines, to help protect the surrounding area from contamination.

COMANCO is one of the largest installers of geomembrane liners used for the storage and containment of wastewater generated in the mining process.  Our meticulous attention to detail and quality has earned us a reputation as the leading authority on the deployment of geosynthetic materials in the country.

In addition to constructing new containment facilities, COMANCO conducts renovation and relining of existing storage areas.  COMANCO meets or exceeds all EPA requirements, with an aggressive quality control program, which tests every weld, seam and panel to ensure total integrity, because your business and our reputation depend on it.

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COMANCO started serving the Florida Phosphate Mining industry in 1989. Today, we are the first choice for phosphate producers who depend on our experience and knowledge of this industry.  COMANCO has gained over 30 years of experience in building and maintaining storage facilities for phosphate gypsum, a processing by-product.

Many of our phosphate mining customers have been using COMANCO exclusively for years where we have established a continued presence, continuously moving from site to site.  Over the years, the number of phosphate producers has dwindled, in part, because of increased regulation and the risk that comes with it.

COMANCO understands these risks and the importance of doing the job right, the first time. Our stringent quality control program ensures that every weld, every seam, and every panel will meet or exceed the required specifications and perform to those standards for years to come.

COMANCO understands the bottom line and the need to contain costs, as well as, waste. Employing a staff of well-trained engineers, quality control technicians, field managers, and installers, we can reduce or increase crew size as the project demands.  This helps to keep your costs low while providing the ultimate in safety, quality, and service. That’s ‘The COMANO Way’ because your business and our reputation depend on it.

Contact a COMANCO phosphate mining specialist today to learn more about COMANCO and how we can limit your risk and maximize your profitability.

Contact a COMANCO specialist to find out more about COMANCO and how we can limit your risk and maximize your profitability.

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COMANCO specializes in coal ash containment storage, as well as, wastewater storage for nuclear facilities. If you are a large power provider or small utility struggling to keep up with the new EPA Coal Ash Regulations, COMANCO is a clear choice. COMANCO can provide a complete solution that includes earthwork, geosynthetic liner installation, and HDPE, PVC or iron pipe work.  Using only the highest quality geosynthetic liner material, we can help provide complete containment security.   Coal-fired power plants supply the majority of America’s power needs and according to industry analysts; they will be for years to come.

COMANCO has been providing cost-effective containment and storage solutions for the power industry for over 27 years. In addition to building new capacity, COMANCO relines old containment sites that may be leaking.

COMANCO constructs:

  • Coal ash wet storage containment
  • Wastewater collection and overflow reservoirs
  • Drainage ponds and piping

COMANCO meets or exceeds all safety and production standards for our industry with a highly trained staff of engineers, quality technicians, heavy equipment operators, and field installers. At COMANCO, we only do a job one way, ‘The COMANCO Way’, because your business and our reputation depend on it.

To learn more about what COMANCO can do to help increase profitability and reduce your risk, contact a COMANCO Specialist today.

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The increased demand for water, coupled with changes in climate, has produced a need for increased fresh water storage capacity using impermeable, geosynthetic lined reservoirs that prevent seepage and contamination from underground pollutants.

COMANCO specializes in all types of reservoir construction including:

  • Bank lined reservoirs
  • Fully lined reservoirs
  • Grey and wastewater reservoirs
  • Lining concrete and steel lined containment systems
  • Lining earthen reservoirs

COMANCO has earned a reputation as the quality leader in geosynthetic deployment, by using the latest technology and advanced materials installed by trained personnel, many of whom have been with COMANCO for five years or more. COMANCO’s commitment to safety, quality and service are exemplified by our Quality Control Program.  Our QC program uses satellite technology to mark, track and document every weld, seal, repair, and panel on the project, in real time, and display it as a visual, three-dimensional rendering that includes every elevation and detail.

COMANCO understands what we do is more than a job; it is a public trust and there is no room for error. Failure is truly not an option because it is your community and our reputation at risk.

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COMANCO works with publicly-owned treatment works, (POTWs) and wastewater systems, by providing geosynthetic lined containment systems for the containment and storage of secondary wastewater and storm runoff.  Municipalities are affected by the EPA NPDES permit program as it relates to the handling of sanitary wastewater and storm runoff.   COMANCO can help with meeting those requirements, for both new construction and remediation of existing containment facilities.

COMANCO is the leader in geosynthetic deployment for wastewater treatment facilities, with years of experience and a commitment to safety, quality and service.  Our quality control program includes field and independent lab testing of coupons and destructive samples to ensure the integrity of every weld, seam, and repair. Using satellite technology and specialized software, COMANCO provides real-time reports that show the daily progress of the project, detailing every panel, seam, and repair by number and location coordinates.

COMANCO believes that protecting the environment is more than a job; it is a public trust. We believe in doing every job “The COMANCO Way” because it is your community and our reputation.

To learn more about using geosynthetics for wastewater containment and cutting costs, contact a COMANCO Specialist.

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The personal safety and health of each employee is of primary importance to COMANCO.  A culture of safety is paramount, in which all managers and staff have a responsibility to perform with a sense of professionalism, accountability, transparency, involvement, efficiency, and effectiveness.  COMANCO maintains an Environmental, Health and Safety program conforming to the best practices in our industry.  This program embodies the proper attitude towards accident prevention from management to employee and from employee to fellow worker.  We value the importance of fostering collaboration at all levels and maintaining our commitment to the safety of all team members.


COMANCO is an industry leader by incorporating new technologies into our services. We are pioneering the use of sub-centimeter precise GPS technology in documenting the construction of geosynthetic liners. Our proprietary program, Computer Aided As-Built (CAAB®), caabincreases accuracy, reduces post job processing time and provides a useful material management tool. Upon completion of the job, As-Builts are available to the customer as an AutoCAD® (.dxf) file. Liner installation is documented in real time allowing QC technicians to identify and correct errors early. Our advancements in technology significantly improve the quality of construction.


Customer service is our highest priority. For more than 28 years we have dedicated ourselves to reaching the highest level of customer satisfaction. Whether challenging 400-acre multi-layered lining systems, small liner repairs or multi-disciplined projects requiring earthmoving, piping and geosynthetics installation, our goal is always the same – Customer Satisfaction. No project is complete until our clients expectations have been met or exceeded. COMANCO will deliver the highest quality product, in the shortest time frame, with an overriding commitment to safety.


For more than 30 years, COMANCO has exceeded our clients’ expectations by performing a variety of construction services to civil and environmental markets. COMANCO specializes in projects with general excavation up to 500,000cy, grading, and dewatering in conjunction with geosynthetics installation services.


Experience with COMANCO when I started here and a new 18 acre cell expansion was done and their professional approach to the job made my life much easier as there were few questions that our engineering firm could not solve simply because there were few issues raised.

Richard Gorman, Operations Manager· Highlands County Landfill

I wanted to take this time to thank COMANCO for the good job done on this project. This group of men had excellent knowledge of the process and always knew the direction to take even in the event of material problems. Their work ethics are of a higher standard than most. Martin Calderon is a very organized superintendent with an excellent crew who make things happen. Martin Calderon jr. was very helpful to me and taught me a lot in the short time I worked with him.

Wayne Bostic, Site Inspector· IDA Engineering

I want to say it has been a pleasure working with Martin, and his crew they have always been on the spot. Whenever we ask for something, they got right on it with no questions asked. I never heard any complaining or that the task was too hard, Martin and I would discuss and plan what needed to get done and Martin would get right to it. The crew kept up on providing a quality job, and the final product shows with outstanding results. I would highly recommend COMANCO, and I certainly look forward to working with them in the future. I will pass your name around and also be calling for bids on the next project. Thanks for everything and I wish you the best.

Cruz Garcia, Construction Manager · Excelsior Mining Group

I would like to comment on all the staff that worked with the County, even the laborers… they were very professional and friendly. The supervisors were outstanding… the overall experience for me, Teresa Carver, was GREAT

Teresa Carver, Solid Waste Director· Hardee County Solid Waste Department

I appreciate the team keeping me involved with the daily operations. It was good for me to listen and learn about aspects other than the sand infill. My crew in the field had nothing but good things to say about your team and the top-notch quality of work that you guys do. Teaming up with COMANCO was a great experience all around. I look forward to the next one!

Christian Colburn, General Manager· Air Pump USA

The closure project was completed on time, on schedule and well done! Great job by Chase and Thomas! Excellent communication on additional work (CO’s). The site guys really appreciate working with Chase. This is the second project in a row at SLD where COMANCO did an excellent job.

Kirk Wills, Environmental Manager· Progressive Waste Solutions


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