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How COMANCO Uses Gas Monitors to Protect Employees


How COMANCO Uses Gas Monitors to Protect Employees in the Field

Did you know methane and other gases are colorless and odorless? That means it’s an invisible safety hazard! But how do you protect yourself from something you can’t see? Here at COMANCO, we use gas monitoring systems. 

Gas monitoring devices are compact, wearable devices that continuously measure the concentration of hazardous gases, like methane, in the surrounding air. When gas levels rise above safe thresholds, the gas monitor will trigger a loud alarm. This early warning system alerts the workers and gives them time to evacuate. 

To work effectively, these monitors should be worn in the “Breathing Zone.” This zone is within a 12-inch radius from the wearer’s breathing area (mouth & nose.) Not using a monitor correctly puts workers at risk of severe injury or death. When employees are equipped with gas monitors and the proper training, they can take the necessary steps to protect themselves from harm, even if the risk is invisible. 

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