COMANCO Goya Giveaway

COMANCO, in support of our hard-working crew, delivered Goya food products to our local team members. COMANCO crews have been dedicated to working consistently and safely during these trying times. Thank you for all you do for COMANCO, and keep …

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COMANCO Finishes Strong in Sonoma

COMANCO’s crew led by superintendent, Martin Calderon, completed another California Landfill. Making great time, the crew installed 5 acres of geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) under 60 mil textured liner, 200 mil geocomposite, and geotextile. These materials were then tied into …

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COMANCO Hits a Milestone in Sonoma, California

Superintendent Martin Calderon is back onsite in Sonoma working hard with COMANCO’s crew on a landfill containment cell expansion, from work done the previous year. The containment system is composed of a layer of geosynthetic clay liner (GCL), textured liner, …

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Team Desoto celebrated 30 years of quality service

Last Saturday, June 29th, COMANCO reached 30 years of quality service in the environmental construction industry. To celebrate this milestone, Team Desoto celebrated at Longhorn Steakhouse for a well-deserved dinner. Over the past few months, the crew, led by Superintendent …

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