Geosynthetic Liner Installation

The installation of geosynthetic liner systems is COMANCO’s primary area of focus. Each year our crews install over 100 million square feet of geosynthetics nationwide. COMANCO has extensive experience installing:

  • Geomembranes
  • Geocomposites
  • Geotextiles
  • Geosynthetic Clay Liners

Maintaining Quality and Pursuing Technological Innovation

As part of our commitment to quality, COMANCO has invested heavily in quality control to ensure total system integrity using advanced test equipment, designed and built by COMANCO.

When future technological advances become available, COMANCO is one of the first to adopt and employ these new systems.  Our quality control technicians follow stringent procedures to systematically inspect and test every seam, weld, and repair.

COMANCO offers the most advanced ‘as-built’ reporting system, providing real-time diagramming that logs the location of each panel, in a three-dimensional view that shows the elevation and location of every seam, weld, and repair. This information is made possible by COMANCO’s exclusive CAAB software program that gathers information, from GPS survey equipment, for an accurate depiction of the site during and after installation.

COMANCO is the quality leader for the installation of liner and geosynthetics in the United States. Most of our crew members have been employed by COMANCO for more than five years. These experienced crews help ensure your installation is completed on schedule and on budget.



Here at COMANCO, we have been in the geosynthetic pond liner business for more than 34 years. We remain an industry leader built on our core values of safety, quality, and service. With more than 50 IAGI Certified Welding Technicians on staff, you can rest assured that your pond liner repair needs will be met with efficiency and top quality.

Is your pond liner damaged? Do you have regular inspections needed as part of your O&M permit? Our skilled technicians are available and equipped to complete your geosynthetic pond liner repairs with high-quality standards. No need to stress or delay.

Pipe Installation

You may not think of COMANCO as a pipe company, but we install miles of HDPE, PVC and iron pipe every year. Applications include:

  • Leachate pipe
  • Force mains
  • Manholes
  • Stormwater piping
  • Landfill gas headers
  • Collectors
  • Wells

Frequently, COMANCO performs these services in conjunction with the installation of geosynthetic liner but offers pipe installation as a stand-alone service.  COMANCO’s skilled technicians are trained to work safely under all conditions and in tight areas. Where dangerous fumes are present, gas monitoring equipment is deployed and closely monitored to avoid potentially fatal accidents.  At COMANCO, safety comes first.

Landfill Gas Control and Recovery

Landfills generate methane and other gasses produced by the decomposition of solid waste. COMANCO provides landfill gas (LFG) control and recovery systems that include:

  • LFG well drilling and installation
  • LFG Transmission Systems
  • LFG Flare installation
  • LFG Leachate collection system
  • LFG collection headers

COMANCO provides experienced LFG technicians who are highly trained to work under all conditions and in tight spaces where dangerous gases are possibly present. Gas monitoring equipment is deployed to detect lethal concentrations of gas when present and monitored continuously. Extensive training is provided by COMANCO to ensure the safety of all field personnel. Our qualified personnel, dedicated LFG crews and national reach allow us to provide consistent, quality and safe results wherever you require.

COMANCO is dedicated to reducing risk and producing results for our customers. At COMANCO safety is our priority.


Site preparation is the first step in any project and frequently requires Earthmoving. COMANCO has the experience, equipment and trained heavy-equipment operators ready to take on any job.  COMANCO specializes in general excavation up to 500,000 cubic yards including:

  • Grading
  • Trenching
  • Dewatering

COMANCO provides earthmoving services in conjunction with our geosynthetic installation services. COMANCO has CAT and John Deere 850’s, 700’s, 650’s and 450 size dozers capable of spreading fill, cutting grade and fine grading with GPS capability.  COMANCO also has John Deere 350’s (75,000 lb. class machines) for loading off road articulating trucks and pipe work.  Our fleet includes excavators, articulated off road haul trucks and 3 & 4-yard wheel loaders.

Most important, our fleet is up-to-date and well maintained by factory trained mechanics, which mean fewer delays, caused by equipment failure. COMANCO’s operators are trained on the equipment they operate, by professional trainers, provided by CAT and John Deere .

In addition to operational training, every operator receives in-depth training in safety practice and awareness.  At COMANCO safety comes first!


  • Real time existing conditions
  • Pre-bid quantity verifications
  • Pre-construction quantity verifications
  • Project progress
  • Airspace takeoffs
  • Stockpile takeoffs


  • Water balance
  • Liquid volume (current, availability)

Achieving Accuracy


Our fully licensed (14 CFR part 107) operators utilize Photogrammetry Method with Ground Control Points that generate 500,000 – 10,000,000 shots for a given survey area. Additional check points are shot to verify the elevation is within a 2-3cm of base surveying results.


Safety is one of the top priorities here at COMANCO. Unlike rover surveying, drone and boat technology limits exposure to potentially hazardous conditions, such as slopes, intense heat, contaminated water, and more.


Here at COMANCO, our efficiency does not minimize the quality of our work. Not only will your company see a 24-48 hour turn around of data, but regular updates are available to measure project progress. Our technology not only offers these updates in essential data, but also aerial photographs, 4K video, and 3D modeling.