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At COMANCO, safety isn’t just a principle; it’s one of the cornerstones of our corporate culture. We hold the personal safety and well-being of each and every employee in the highest regard. This commitment is not just reflected in numbers; it’s deeply personal to us. Our outstanding safety record, highlighted by a remarkable 0.78 Experience Modification Rate (EMR) as issued by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI), is a testament to our dedication.

We understand that safety transcends statistics; it’s a deeply personal matter. That’s why we’ve set a rigorous goal: to ensure that 100 percent of our workforce receives a minimum of 10 hours of OSHA training. As of now, over 98 percent of our employees have met and exceeded this requirement.

COMANCO places a strong emphasis on Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) practices, adhering to the highest industry standards. We empower our employees to understand they are all Safety Officers at COMANCO.  They are encouraged to submit Safety Observations through the use of a QR Code. We all work diligently to correct any potentially hazardous working conditions on each jobsite, fostering a culture of safety and responsibility.

We firmly believe that accident prevention hinges on situational awareness. Our employees are continually reminded that accidents often occur when they fail to observe their surroundings. Every single one of our team members has the authority to ‘Stop Work’ if they identify a hazardous condition. Even more crucially, they are equipped with the training to identify potential hazards and make informed decisions, ensuring their well-being and the safety of the workplace.

Ultimately, what this means for COMANCO’s customers is a safer, more productive work environment with fewer reportable incidents. We firmly believe that safety is not just a priority; it’s the very foundation upon which we build our work. Your safety is our paramount concern, always.


Quality, a term often spoken of but not always fully grasped, holds a paramount place in the ethos of COMANCO. To us, Quality is synonymous with Value, and it stands as our competitive advantage. We approach our work with a commitment to excellence that sets us apart. Our dedication to quality is grounded in a rigorous and unwavering quality control protocol, coupled with minimum test requirements that either meet or surpass the standards set by ASTM and the Geosynthetic Institute (GSI). Our conviction is that true cost is revealed over the long term, in the maintenance and replacement of installations that have not stood the test of time.

The guardians of our commitment to quality are our diligent Quality Control and Assurance Team. With over 34 years of experience, we have developed an extensive and meticulous quality control program, featuring advanced testing equipment designed and crafted by our own experts.

The true testament to our dedication to quality is the many installations we have delivered across the country. These installations continue to operate without any reported complications, a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering quality and value.

We employ cutting-edge technology to provide comprehensive reporting on every facet of the job. Through the use of GeoCAAB, we offer an invaluable material management tool, delivering to our customers an AutoCAD® (.dxf) file. This file encompasses all project details, including the precise location of each panel and every repair, portrayed in a three-dimensional drawing that outlines all elevations.

In our mission to maintain our high standards, our dedicated quality control department conducts rigorous training for all new team members and ensures ongoing training for every field employee. This approach ensures maximum oversight and monitoring of every job to guarantee that all documentation is impeccably completed, always adhering to COMANCO’s elevated standards. We understand that Quality is more than just a buzzword; it is a commitment we stand by every day, on every project we undertake. Your trust in us is our motivation to continually uphold the highest standards of quality.


Example of a computer aided as-built of the Sherburne Generating Plant, near Becker, MN.


Above, the same view during the construction process with COMANCO.


Service is the cornerstone of our identity at COMANCO. We are not just a company; we are your partner in success. Our very purpose revolves around serving you, our valued customer, and ensuring that your satisfaction reaches the highest level possible. We hold your trust in the highest regard.

Throughout our journey, we’ve nurtured and cherished our customer relationships, cultivated over time. Our strength lies in our unwavering commitment to fulfilling our promises with timeliness, fair pricing, and a steadfast dedication to safety and quality. We firmly believe that our reputation and the success of your business are inextricably linked.

At COMANCO, we are here to serve you, going the extra mile to ensure that your needs are not only met but exceeded. Your trust is our driving force, and we are devoted to being the partner you can rely on, always.

Our Customers Say it Best…

I appreciate the extra effort made on safety, the project was very successful with no issues

William Rupp III· Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC

I find COMANCO very dependable and produces high quality work. COMANCO sets the bar for contractors performing work in the petro/chem industry.

Dave Coffee· D.C. Engineering, Inc

COMANCO is responsive to our requests and performs safely while providing quality work.

Lynne Vadelund· CF Industries

For over three decades, COMANCO has been committed to delivering exceptional service, and the size of the project has never been a determining factor. Whether we’re tending to minor liner repairs or taking on complex undertakings like vast 400-acre, multilayered-lining systems or multifaceted projects demanding earthmoving, piping, and geosynthetics installation, our unwavering goal remains constant – Customer Satisfaction.

We firmly believe that a project isn’t truly finished until we’ve not only met but exceeded our client’s expectations. Our dedication to service extends far beyond the completion of tasks; it’s about ensuring that you, our valued client, are content, reassured, and fully satisfied with the outcome. Your satisfaction remains our foremost mission.