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COMANCO Continues Work on Gas Management System in South Florida

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The COMANCO team, led by Superintendent Jorge Barrantes and Foreman Billy Menard, are on-site and making progress on a gas management system in South Florida.

This project has made steady progress as crews continue installing a 60mil HDPE geomembrane vapor barrier, vent strips, and piping. Upon completion, this project will allow for safe occupancy for commercial properties that ultimately would not have been possible due to the previous use of the land.

Our crews achieve this by running a series of vent strips and piping below the barrier and beneath the building. This allows the gas to passively vent and disperse into the air in both an economical and environmentally friendly way. Throughout the project, the team has provided continuous communication with the other subcontractors to mitigate the changes. In turn, they are helping the crew stay on schedule and continue to protect the system’s integrity.

At the completion of this project, we will have provided land that is safe for reuse in an urban area that does not have much available land. This system will protect against any potentially harmful gas penetrating the buildings, keeping both the building and its tenants safe. COMANCO maintains the quality of our work by ensuring it is always held to the highest standards. Each component of the work being done is inspected and approved upon installation, ensuring it meets all the requirements.

As the project continues, COMANCO crews will continue to work with safety, quality, and service in mind and maintain the high-quality standards that we are proud to stand behind.