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COMANCO Installs New Methane Gas Management System

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COMANCO Installs New Methane Gas Management System in Florida for a Warehouse Facility. 

COMANCO makes headway in installing a new Methane Gas Management System (MGMS) in Medley, Florida, to mitigate vapors for a Warehouse Facility. This building’s design differs from our typical MGMS building: all the PVC pipe is located within the perimeter of the building rather than the header pipe system running along the outside perimeter. This design also incorporates a geotextile layer above the subgrade, a 6″ gravel ventilation layer in which our pipe is embedded, and another geotextile protection layer on top of the gravel to protect our liner from damage. 

The building is roughly 175,000 SF and will be covered with SKAPS 60mil HDPE liner. We also have our typical Geovent (Approx. 2700 FT) provided by CETCO. Additionally, the PVC for this system is Sch40 rather than Sch80 and is supplied by Harrington. The Header System is roughly 1,150 LF. 

One challenge our crew has faced is that the job site is very tight, with limited access in and out. However, the crew has coordinated well with the general contractor and engineer on-site to keep moving forward with a non-traditional system. 

Currently, the geotextile separation layer below the gravel has been deployed. The header / PVC System is over 50% complete. We are waiting for the earthwork contractor to place more gravel so we can continue our PVC pipe installation. Next, we are preparing to begin liner deployment in the upcoming week. Once completed, this building can be used for future tenants to have safe, methane-free warehouse space(s). 


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