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COMANCO Completes Liner Maintenance in Idaho

COMANCO Successfully Completes Liner Maintenance in South Idaho COMANCO completes liner maintenance repairs on a 60mil and 100mil HDPE geomembrane containment system in South Idaho. This project highlights COMANCO’s commitment to providing high-quality, efficient solutions for clients in the fertilizer …

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COMANCO Attends World of Coal Ash (WOCA)

COMANCO Attends World of Coal Ash (WOCA) in Grand Rapids, Michigan Last week, COMANCO joined industry leaders and innovators at the World of Coal Ash (WOCA) 2024 Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This event brought together thousands of attendees from across …

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COMANCO Progresses on Slope Closure

COMANCO Progresses on Slope Closure Liner Installation for a Phosphate Mine COMANCO progresses on a slope closure liner installation for a Phosphate Mine in Florida. This high-performance liner system is designed to act as an environmental shield against rainwater infiltration.  …

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COMANCO Attends GeoAmericas 2024

COMANCO Attends GeoAmericas 2024 in Toronto Last week, COMANCO attended GeoAmericas 2024 in Toronto, Canada. This unique conference, which occurs every four years, “explores the appropriate use and beneficial impact of geosynthetics on civil infrastructure and sustainability throughout the Americas.” The International Geosynthetics …

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