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COMANCO Celebrates 33 Years!

Usually, companies celebrate anniversaries with round numbers: 10, 20, 30. However, COMANCO is no ordinary company. June 29, 2022, marks COMANCO’s 33rd anniversary. Why celebrate 33 years? We are now one-third of the way to our goal of reaching—and surpassing—a …

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Live From the Field Freeport, Florida Update

Superintendent Bill Newman and crew are “Live From the Field” with another real-time project update.  COMANCO crew members began the work of excavating over one thousand pounds of dirt and concrete in early June. The crew has completed working on needed …

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COMANCO June New Hires Class Completes Training

At COMANCO, we prioritize training by identifying work-related hazards while reporting and controlling unsafe situations. From day one, June new hires learned our tasks and risks, and how to mitigate them. This week, our recruits concluded an extensive week-long training. COMANCO’s …

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COMANCO Completes Rain Tarp Installation Project

COMANCO Superintendent Martin Calderon and his COMANCO crew have completed their Rain Tarp Installation Project for a landfill in Aucilla, Florida.  With a fixture of approximately 10 acres, the our crew has installed a total of 395,335 SF of 20mil HDPE Rain Tarp. …

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COMANCO: Safety Act in Florida’s Hot Temperatures

Today, we want to showcase our COMANCO Superintendent, Jorge Gomez Ruiz, Gerardo Ruiz, and Foreman, Pablo Medina. They were observed committing a SAFETY ACT this month! While completing a landfill project in Southwest Florida, both gentlemen completed an outstanding safety act and took it …

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2022 COMANCO Wellness Raffle Winners

COMANCO is excited to announce the following employees are $200 richer as they won the luck of the draw in our Annual Wellness Raffle. As a reward for proactively completing their Wellness Physical, these employees received a $200 Gift Card! A HUGE thanks …

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