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New Hires Start Strong

COMANCO New Hires Start Strong with Hands-On Task Training This August, six COMANCO new hires start strong with hands-on task training. In addition to introductory safety courses, all new employees must participate in hands-on task training. Task training aims to …

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COMANCO Invests in Employees

COMANCO Invests in Employees First. When welcoming new employees, COMANCO invests in them first because empowering you is what empowers us. That’s why we prioritize the growth and development of each new hire from the start. Knowledge is Key We …

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Summer Rewards Winner

Summer Rewards Winner: Employee Referral Incentive COMANCO values employee referrals. This year, to encourage more employee referrals, we offer participants the opportunity to win a prize. Employees entered the 2023 Summer Rewards contest by encouraging their friends and family to …

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Celebrating COMANCO’s Plan Sponsor Award Nomination

Celebrating COMANCO’s Plan Sponsor Award Nomination and Commitment to Financial Literacy & Wellness COMANCO is honored to have been nominated for the prestigious 2023 Plan Sponsor of the Year Award! This week, Mark and Christine Topp attended the 2023 PLANSPONSOR National Conference …

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COMANCO Welcomes New Employees

COMANCO Welcomes New Employees to the Team After completing their training last week, COMANCO welcomes new employees to the team! Our three latest hires finished task training with the help of our experienced instructors. Task training provides all new hires …

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Employees Complete Task Training

COMANCO’s Newest Employees Complete Task Training COMANCO congratulates our five newest employees as they complete task training with the help of our experienced instructors. Task training provides all new hires with the hands-on experience they need for success in the …

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