Summer Rewards Winner


Summer Rewards Winner: Employee Referral Incentive

COMANCO values employee referrals. This year, to encourage more employee referrals, we offer participants the opportunity to win a prize. Employees entered the 2023 Summer Rewards contest by encouraging their friends and family to apply for a job at COMANCO. Each referral that resulted in a hire equals one entry in the raffle for a brand-new Sony PS5. Therefore, more successful referrals mean more entries and chances to win for that employee. Now that the opportunity to enter the 2023 Summer Rewards Contest is officially closed, we would like to recognize our winner!

Congratulations to Lucas Aguilar for winning the Sony PS5 in the Summer Reward Contest 2023! We appreciate Lucas’s commitment to COMANCO and his contribution to finding a valuable addition to our organization. The partnership between COMANCO employees and the HR Department in recruiting efforts is crucial, and employee referrals play a significant role in finding the right talent for our team. We value the trust and dedication of our employees in promoting the COMANCO brand and identifying individuals who are the perfect fit for our organization. 

Thank you all for participating! Remember, if someone you know is job searching, encourage them to apply with COMANCO. Additionally, we look forward to offering more incentives like this in the future. So follow us on social media for more chances to win! 

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