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Progress on Landfill in Arcadia

COMANCO Makes Progress on the Liner and Earthwork for a Landfill in Arcadia, Florida. COMANCO’s Superintendents Jeremy Giles and Gerardo Ruiz are making progress on the Liner and Earthwork for a Landfill cell in Arcadia, Florida. The team is currently …

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Daylight Savings Ends November 6th!

Daylight Savings Ends November 6th; COMANCO Encourages Health and Safety. Daylight Savings affects our programs, schedules, and patterns. Changing the clock means changing our daily routine which can be challenging for some. Safetytoolboxtopics.com even suggests Daylight Savings is statistically responsible for …

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COMANCO Progresses on Dairy Farm Project in North, FL

Another week, another project blog update by COMANCO Superintendent Martin Calderon!  Continued progress is being made by Martin and the COMANCO crew on a Dairy Farm Wastewater Storage Pond project in North Florida. Martin reported there are currently 140,000 SF of each layer of 12oz textile and 60 mil smooth HDPE liner on …

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Live From the Field Defuniak Springs, FL Update

From: Michael Taylor (Project Manager) A COMANCO crew led by Superintendent Martin Calderon and Foreman Pablo Medina just hit a big milestone on a new Landfill cell in North Florida by completing the Geosynthetic Clay Liner and Geomembrane installation phases of the project.  The COMANCO crew installed more …

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Live From the Field Mississippi Update

Foreman Carlos Garcia and his COMANCO crew are “Live From the Field” with another real-time project update.  Carlos and his crew continue the process of covering and turfing the massive 3 million sf space. Once this step is completed, the crew will move …

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