Update on North Florida Dairy Farm Construction Project

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From: Thomas Raab Project Manager

COMANCO is in the process of constructing two identical, lined Wastewater Storage Ponds for a Dairy Farm in North Florida.

Each pond is just over three acres in size and are currently being lined with a geotextile cushion layer followed by a 60mil smooth HDPE Geomembrane. 

Over 66,000 CY of soil excavation has taken place, with 43,000 CY of that material being used to build the ponds’ berms. Superintendent Bill Newman is heading the earthwork operations project and working ahead of Superintendent Martin Calderon and the liner crew. 

This project exemplifies another environmental benefit COMANCO brings to the agriculture industry by creating contained disposal basins for wastewater.

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Recently enacted environmental legislation makes containing wastewater and animal waste a requirement rather than an option. COMANCO provides cost-effective solutions to prevent seepage of runoff that contains nitrates, ammonia, phosphorus, and bacteria that can harm and foul waterways. However, if properly contained and managed, these contaminants can be applied to land nutrients, leading to a significant reduction in fertilizer costs.

Using the highest quality geosynthetic liner material, COMANCO builds lined and covered storage basins that allow for liquid and semi-solid waste retention for subsequent controlled disposal or land application. Additionally, to prevent contaminants from entering the surrounding environment, geosynthetic covered containment systems also effectively reduce or eliminate odors. Traditional compacted soil and clay liners are simply not enough. In addition to constructing new containment ponds and canal liners, COMANCO can also reline your existing ponds.

Climate change and population growth have increased the demand for water while America’s farmers are being asked to produce more with

Since 1989, COMANCO has been working with the agricultural industry across the country to find and implement cost-effective solutions to help mitigate their legal and environmental risk. Our highly trained engineers, quality control technicians, and field installers ensure the job is done the right way, ‘The COMANCO Way.’ We test every weld and seam and follow strict production protocols because your business and our reputation depend on it. At COMANCO, we are committed to doing our part by using advanced materials and systems to conserve water and prevent contamination of the groundwater and adjacent streams.

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