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COMANCO Works on Slope Closure Liner Install

COMANCO Works on Slope Closure Liner Install for Gypsum Stack Under the expert guidance of Superintendent Alejandro, COMANCO is currently installing a slope closure liner for a gypsum stack in Florida. The team is meticulously installing a high-performance liner system …

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Progress at Florida Landfill

Progress at Florida Landfill Continues on Schedule.  Progress at a landfill in Florida continues on schedule, even with recent additions to the project. COMANCO was contracted to complete the Earthwork for a new landfill cell. However, when the client granted …

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COMANCO Completes Collection Pond

COMANCO Collection Pond Installation In South Florida COMANCO has completed the liner installation for a large-scale collection pond in Miami, Florida. Our team successfully installed 676,000 SF of 30mil PVC liner and 240 FT of 304 stainless steel Batten Bar. …

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Live From the Field Freeport, FL Update

Project Update: Freeport, FL Superintendent Bill Newman and crew are “Live From the Field” in Freeport, FL with another real-time project update.  COMANCO crew members began the work of excavating over one thousand pounds of dirt and concrete in early June. …

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COMANCO Crews Begin Work in Central Florida

Last week, COMANCO crews led by Superintendent Tony Sanchez began work on a stormwater improvement project located in Central Florida. The crew has already started making improvements to a stormwater ditch and an ash sedimentation pond. Gundseal, a geomembrane-supported geosynthetic …

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