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Lake County Landfill Nears Completion

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The Partial Closure of the Lake County Landfill Phase III Project Nears Completion

COMANCO began the Partial Closure of the Lake County Landfill Phase III after it was Awarded to us in March. Now, in August, our team nears the completion of this project after six months of advantageous progress. Overall, COMANCO was responsible for preparing the subgrade, installing the liner, protective cover, stormwater system, and final sod installation. When the closure is complete, this geosynthetic system will provide a sustainable way to isolate waste from the environment. 

Right now, our team is finishing the protective cover and perimeter road, working on the stormwater system, and sodding the closed landfill. This project’s scope provides COMANCO with an excellent opportunity to demonstrate again how well-versed we are. The crew completed each stage on a tight schedule, from earthwork to liner installation, and we are projected to demobilize in just a few short weeks. 

Get in on the action: Watch our progress at the Lake County Landfill to see earthwork and liner installation firsthand. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, where Part 1 and Part 2 of the Lake County Landfill Closure are live now! 


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