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COMANCO Attends GeoAmericas 2024

COMANCO Attends GeoAmericas 2024 in Toronto Last week, COMANCO attended GeoAmericas 2024 in Toronto, Canada. This unique conference, which occurs every four years, “explores the appropriate use and beneficial impact of geosynthetics on civil infrastructure and sustainability throughout the Americas.” The International Geosynthetics …

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COMANCO Revitalizes Land O’Lakes Reject Water Pond

COMANCO Revitalizes Land O’Lakes Reject Water Pond for Environmental Protection and Regulatory Compliance Recently, COMANCO revitalized a reject water pond in Land O’Lakes for Pasco County, Florida. Reject water ponds help protect the environment, ensure regulatory compliance, and enable the …

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COMANCO Solves Phosphate Challenges

COMANCO Solves Phosphate Challenges with Geosynthetic Installations The phosphate industry is responsible for producing fertilizer, which is essential to feeding a growing population. A common byproduct of collecting phosphate is gypsum, which is stored in environmentally safe containment facilities. COMANCO …

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Progress Made on Lagoon Liner

COMANCO Makes Progress on Lagoon Liner Installation in Central Florida COMANCO progresses on a Lagoon liner installation project in Central Florida. Superintendents Alejandro Solis and Pablo Medina direct the crew in finishing the complex multi-flow ventilation system. Once this ventilation …

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