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Geosynthetics and Growth: COMANCO’s Expert Expansions

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Geosynthetics and Growth: COMANCO’s Expert Expansions at Central Florida Containment Site

There are many benefits of utilizing geosynthetic systems for containment purposes. A significant advantage is their growth potential, as geosynthetic installations can be expanded according to need. Our geosynthetic installers are experts in these projects and are currently extending a containment stack in Central Florida to provide extra storage room for our client. 

These jobs often present challenges that COMANCO can overcome due to our expertise. For example, the slopes on this stack sit at a 3:1 angle, are nearly 600ft long, and span an area 3,600ft wide from West to East, demanding good coordination and full crew attention. The logistics require good coordination and full attention from the crew. COMANCO minimizes risk by meeting daily for a comprehensive safety meeting and continuing these safety briefs throughout the day. 

Besides the slopes, the weather presents a secondary challenge due to the project’s location in Florida. COMANCO does everything necessary to mitigate the high temperatures and facilitate fast-action job shutdown and shelter-seeking due to the mid-Florida rainy season. 

In addition to safety, other factors impact our progress, like additional contractors on site. COMANCO is working closely with the earthwork contractor, deploying liner as they release subgrade in approximately 1-acre areas, aiming to complete the 34 acres to be covered. By installing liner and geocomposite as the earthwork contractor supplies the subgrade, we have already installed 73,375 SF of liner and 35,000 SF of geocomposite since mobilizing last month. Overall, the project requires 34.1 acres of 60mil Textured HDPE Liner from AGRU and 12.6 Acres of Double-Sided Geocomposite from SKAPS and SOLMAX

Adding to your environmental containment site is a job for experienced companies like COMANCO. Our expert team is qualified to expand your geosynthetic projects, make complex repairs, or complete full, turnkey installations. Partnering with COMANCO on your next project means creating a sustainable, quality containment solution that lasts. 


COMANCO is a leading environmental, commercial, and civil construction company specializing in constructing containment facilities. 

Because we have over 30+ years of experience in the geosynthetics industry, our skilled teams have completed thousands of liner installation projects. This experience equips us to fulfill and exceed standard regulations for clients in various industries

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