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COMANCO Attends GeoAmericas 2024

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COMANCO Attends GeoAmericas 2024 in Toronto

Last week, COMANCO attended GeoAmericas 2024 in Toronto, Canada. This unique conference, which occurs every four years, “explores the appropriate use and beneficial impact of geosynthetics on civil infrastructure and sustainability throughout the Americas.” The International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) of North America organizes this major regional technical conference and tradeshow. 

IGS aims to connect “Canada and US-based private practice, academic, government, industry, and other engineering professionals who improve infrastructure, enhance sustainability, and advance education” using geosynthetics. This year’s quadrennial event, GeoAmericas 2024, is the 5th Pan-American Conference on Geosynthetics, uniting geosynthetic professionals from South America, the United States, Canada, and beyond. 

GeoAmericas 2024 provided a rich platform for COMANCO to expand its professional network. Our representatives, Danielle Meador and Amberlee Johnson were able to connect with peers and partners on the exhibit floor, during educational courses, and at other special events. GeoCAAB representatives and fellow exhibitors Evan Bao and Trevor Topp accompanied them. The two companies also had the opportunity to attend evening outings with Leister‘s Paul Maniscalco and Scott O’Malley. A notable event was the Wednesday night mixer hosted by Solmax at the impressive Hockey Hall of Fame, which COMANCO and GeoCAAB also attended. 

Our Takeaways

GeoAmericas 2024 was about more than just networking and social events. The conference also hosted a series of educational courses. These courses provided a platform for attendees to stay updated on the latest industry advancements. These courses were a valuable opportunity for COMANCO to enhance our knowledge and contribute to the industry’s advancement. Most notably, COMANCO attended GeoCAAB’s presentation detailing the impact of Data Technology Software, like theirs, on the evolution of Geosynthetics. 

Another highlight of the conference was the 2024 IAGI GeoGames. Each year, liner installation companies submit liner repair videos. This year’s winner, the company with the fastest repair time, was revealed at GeoAmericas 2024. This event is a fun way for liner companies to compete and encourages industry transparency regarding quality in relation to speed. 

Overall, GeoAmericas provides COMANCO and hundreds of other companies the chance to contribute to the growing geosynthetic industry. Learn more about COMANCO’s geosynthetic solutions or join us at our next conference, World of Coal Ash, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on May 13th-16th. 


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