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COMANCO Revitalizes Land O’Lakes Reject Water Pond

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COMANCO Revitalizes Land O’Lakes Reject Water Pond for Environmental Protection and Regulatory Compliance

Recently, COMANCO revitalized a reject water pond in Land O’Lakes for Pasco County, Florida. Reject water ponds help protect the environment, ensure regulatory compliance, and enable the recovery of valuable resources. Proper design and management are crucial for water treatment processes’ success and sustainability. 

COMANCO has an agreement with Pasco County to inspect, repair, and replace liner as needed. That was the case of the Reject Water Pond at the Land O’Lakes WWTP, which had reached its end of life, and we were requested to replace the existing liner system with 60 mil textured HDPE geomembrane at a total of 173,600 SF or approximately 4 acres. 

The scope consisted of removing existing vegetation, debris, and sediments accumulated on the bottom, demolishing and disposing of the old liner, and procuring and installing new liner. The material was procured from Solmax by COMANCO, and we were ready to start with the fabrication certificates approved by the county. 

Superintendent Larry Graham and crew started the mobilization. Once the reject water pond was isolated from the plant system with valves locked out and tagged out, the removal and demolition began. The work was then completed with the help of Superintendent Gerardo Ruiz and Foreman Juan Morales. 

With the new liner installed, all welds tested and approved, and anchor trenches adequately backfilled, the pond was finally reinserted for water treatment operations in Pasco County. 


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