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COMANCO Solves Phosphate Challenges

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COMANCO Solves Phosphate Challenges with Geosynthetic Installations

The phosphate industry is responsible for producing fertilizer, which is essential to feeding a growing population. A common byproduct of collecting phosphate is gypsum, which is stored in environmentally safe containment facilities. COMANCO is working on a gypsum stack in Florida, known for its ample phosphate resources. This project is challenging due to the long slopes, with a 3:1 slope, and the logistics of working in a wide area. However, COMANCO is committed to safety and quality and works closely with the earthwork contractor to complete the project on time.

COMANCO has completed the top and lower slopes and is working on the mid-slope portion. The project is using 34.1 acres/1,486,031 SF of AGRU 60-mil Textured HDPE Liner and 12.6 acres/547,921 SF of double-sided Geocomposite being Skaps Transnet 270-2-10 and Solmax FabriNet 275mil (significant portion). So far, COMANCO has installed 832,188 SF of liner and 407,000 SF of geocomposite. 

One of the most positive aspects of this project is the dedication and adaptability of the COMANCO crew. Superintendent Arnulfo, Leadman Ramon, and the crew have been managing the changing construction sequence with ease. Despite these challenges, the crew has rearranged the logistics and kept the production on track.

Another positive aspect of this project is its positive impact on the environment. By lining the gypsum stack, our client will increment the capacity of its containment facility. The complete project will ultimately help to protect the environment from potential contamination. COMANCO is confident that our commitment to safety, quality, and service will ensure this vital project is completed on time and to the highest standards. 

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