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COMANCO’s Annual Maintenance Training

COMANCO’s Annual Maintenance Training: Ensuring a Safe and Secure Workforce Optimizing productivity and safety at COMANCO is a top priority as we kick off 2024. To ensure our workforce operates safely, COMANCO schedules Annual Maintenance Training. These comprehensive sessions act …

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COMANCO Starts New Liner Project

COMANCO Starts New Geoysnthtics Liner Project in Louisiana. COMANCO, a leading geosynthetics liner installation company, is proud to announce its new project in Louisiana. The company will install a SOLMAX 60mil HDPE black textured liner over 1,000,000 SF around a …

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COMANCO Toro MH-400 Task Training with Wesco Turf

Westco Turf visited COMANCO headquarters to provide in-depth task training for the new equipment. COMANCO operators and fleet team joined the training class to learn safety concerns, basic operations, and equipment maintenance. COMANCO’s crew in Mississippi is finishing the liner …

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