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COMANCO’s Annual Maintenance Training

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COMANCO’s Annual Maintenance Training: Ensuring a Safe and Secure Workforce

Optimizing productivity and safety at COMANCO is a top priority as we kick off 2024. To ensure our workforce operates safely, COMANCO schedules Annual Maintenance Training. These comprehensive sessions act as “refreshers” and revisit essential skills employees have acquired. 

This January, 14 field employees participated in our maintenance refresher course, each possessing varying skill levels and experience. The common objective was to enhance the efficiency and safety of their daily tasks. Instructors walked participants through the standard procedures for inspecting extension cords, assessing generators, and greasing heavy equipment.

  • Bryan Lucatero demonstrated how to examine extension cords properly. This procedure includes assessing for tears, checking Ohm levels, and ensuring monthly tagging compliance. (YouTube Tutorial: Inspecting Extension Cords)
  • Generator inspections, led by James Wilson III, focused on identifying potential issues and proactive maintenance measures to guarantee operational readiness in the field. (YouTube Tutorial: Inspecting Generators)
  • The session concluded with hands-on equipment greasing with Jason Buchanan, emphasizing the importance of regular greasing every 10 hours of usage to uphold the optimal working condition of our tools and equipment. (YouTube Tutorial: Greasing Heaving Equipment)

These targeted training refreshers empower our employees with updated knowledge and significantly extend the lifespan of our tools and equipment, reinforcing our commitment to operational excellence at COMANCO. View similar stories on our blog to learn more about our preventative safety measures. 


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