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COMANCO Completes First of Its Kind Closure at New River Landfill

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A COMANCO crew led by Forrest Detzel recently completed an Exposed Geomembrane Cover System that will be the first permitted final closure of its kind in the State of Florida.

This exposed closure system will allow for minimum maintenance for years to come that traditional closures do not offer. This unique system design offered a ballast trench system that was completely fusion welded using a double wedge weld technique to protect from wind uplift. Overall, the crew installed more than 729,000 SF of the EGC cover. The scope also included installing more than 2,000 LF of Toe-Drain, excavating and backfilling 9,300 LF of ballast trenches, double wedge welded 9,000 LF of 60mil Geomembrane. COMANCO installed over 91,000 SF of 60mil Geomembrane across four stormwater ponds that tie into the EGC closure.