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COMANCO Progresses on Slope Closure

COMANCO Progresses on Slope Closure Liner Installation for a Phosphate Mine COMANCO progresses on a slope closure liner installation for a Phosphate Mine in Florida. This high-performance liner system is designed to act as an environmental shield against rainwater infiltration.  …

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COMANCO Attends Annual FPPC Spring Conference

COMANCO Attends the Annual FPPC Spring Conference in Boca Grande, Florida. Last week, COMANCO participated in the Florida Phosphate Political Committee (FPPC) Spring Conference amidst the stunning backdrop of Boca Grande, FL. Leading the delegation were COMANCO’s Mark & Christine …

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COMANCO Recognized Again for Safety Record

COMANCO Recognized Again for Our Outstanding Safety Record by Mosaic in Florida.  COMANCO is proud to announce that it has been recognized again for its commitment to safety by receiving the Award for Exceeding Mosaic’s Safety Performance Goals at Florida sites. This achievement is …

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COMANCO Works on Slope Closure Liner Install

COMANCO Works on Slope Closure Liner Install for Gypsum Stack Under the expert guidance of Superintendent Alejandro, COMANCO is currently installing a slope closure liner for a gypsum stack in Florida. The team is meticulously installing a high-performance liner system …

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COMANCO Lines Gypstack Closure

COMANCO Makes Headway on Liner Installation for Gypstack Closure Project COMANCO’s specialty containment systems are essential to many southern phosphate mining operations. Our geosynthetic installations are perfect for lining Gypstacks like this one in West Central Florida. Recently, our crew …

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COMANCO Works on Power Plant Repairs

COMANCO Works on Power Plant Repairs in Tampa COMANCO was recently contracted to complete repairs for a Power Plant in Tampa, Florida. We have made significant progress since starting the job at the end of 2023.  Initially, we installed composite …

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