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COMANCO Rain Tarp Installation Project

Rain Tarp Installation Project Update COMANCO Superintendent Martin Calderon is “Live From the Field” with another real-time project update on their Rain Tarp Installation. Martin and crew are wrapping up the Rain Tarp project, and it looks like they are achieving triple …

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Live From the Field Freeport, FL Update

Project Update: Freeport, FL Superintendent Bill Newman and crew are “Live From the Field” in Freeport, FL with another real-time project update.  COMANCO crew members began the work of excavating over one thousand pounds of dirt and concrete in early June. …

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COMANCO: Safety Act in Florida’s Hot Temperatures

From Safety Department Today, we want to showcase our COMANCO Superintendent, Jorge Gomez Ruiz, Gerardo Ruiz, and Foreman, Pablo Medina. They were observed committing a SAFETY ACT this month! While completing a landfill project in Southwest Florida, both gentlemen completed an outstanding safety …

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