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COMANCO Progresses on Slope Closure

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COMANCO Progresses on Slope Closure Liner Installation for a Phosphate Mine

COMANCO progresses on a slope closure liner installation for a Phosphate Mine in Florida. This high-performance liner system is designed to act as an environmental shield against rainwater infiltration. 

The project consists of four ditches lined with impermeable geomembranes that will help direct the flow of rainwater down the gypsum stack. (See more on this project.)

The crew, led by Superintendent Alejandro Loza, has installed roughly 68%, or 828,000 SF, of the liner. The liner selected for this project is a 60mil HDPE Agru Microspike liner, known for its exceptional durability and textured surface that enhances slope stability.

We believe in creating sustainable agriculture solutions and remain committed to delivering high-quality geosynthetic systems to our clients. Stay tuned for progress updates, or see other phosphate projects on our blog for more information. 


COMANCO is a leading environmental, commercial, and civil construction company specializing in constructing containment facilities. 

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