COMANCO Excavates New Florida Landfill Cell

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New Central Florida Landfill Cell, Part 1: COMANCO Excavates Cell in Preparation for Liner Installation

COMANCO is making progress on a new 20-acre landfill cell in Central Florida. Despite the weather delays surrounding the holidays, our crew is close to completing the project’s initial excavation. This stage requires excavating nearly 95,000 CY of dirt to ensure the grade is at the design elevation. Once the site is fully cleared and shaped, the landfill cell will be ready for the liner and pipe installations. 

Watch our video showcasing the earthwork on YouTube.

The liner installation will utilize materials procured from Solmax, including 60mil black textured liner, GCL, Geocomposite, and Geotextile. Beyond this task, COMANCO has been asked to install and connect the control panels to existing leachate storage tanks. The control panels will monitor the pumping, filling of tanks, and leachate flow for the landfill. 

We are proud of our team’s progress and look forward to watching the rest of the project unfold. Stay tuned for Part 2, where we will share more details on the liner and pipe installation process. To schedule a consultation or get a free quote on your next project, visit 

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