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Let’s Talk Landfills

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Let’s Talk Landfills: Addressing Common Landfill Questions in a Growing Geosynthetics Market

Let’s talk landfills. The demand for sustainable waste management solutions is fueling the geosynthetics market. The global geosynthetics market size was estimated at USD 15.54 billion in 2023 and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.9% from 2024 to 2030. [Source: Grand View Research]

Here at COMANCO, we have over 30 years of experience as geosynthetic installation experts, so we’re here to address common landfill questions for a growing geosynthetics market.

How do COMANCO’s solutions tackle critical landfill challenges?

  • Pollution Control: Our durable liners prevent harmful pollutants from entering the environment.
  • Efficient Leachate Management: We facilitate smooth operations through efficient leachate collection and drainage.
  • Landfill Stability: Erosion control and slope stabilization measures ensure long-term landfill stability.
  • Gas Control: Advanced systems capture and convert landfill gas into clean energy, contributing to sustainability.

Why Choose COMANCO?

  • Sustainability & Cost-Effectiveness: Our durable systems minimize long-term environmental risks and costs.
  • Safety First: Multi-layered systems, high-quality materials, and rigorous safety protocols prioritize worker and environmental safety.
  • Unwavering Quality: We employ proven quality control measures to ensure proper installation and reporting.
  • Reliable Service: We build strong client relationships, offering efficient and cost-effective maintenance solutions for your geosynthetic system.
  • Economic Benefits: We contribute to the local economy through job creation, revenue generation, and potential land revitalization projects.

Partner with COMANCO and gain access to innovative geosynthetic solutions that safeguard the environment, fostering a sustainable and economically viable future for your landfill and the community.

Contact COMANCO today to discuss your needs and learn how we can help you achieve solid waste management goals while prioritizing environmental responsibility and community well-being.


COMANCO is a leading environmental, commercial, and civil construction company specializing in constructing containment facilities. 

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