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Progress on Gas Management System for Manatee County

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COMANCO Makes Progress on Gas Management System for Manatee County Landfill

COMANCO was recently awarded Phase II of the Stage II Landfill Gas Collection and Control System for Manatee County. Since then, we have made progress in developing and installing this complex piping system that will collect gases generated from refuse decomposition to be repurposed for energy production. 

While a gas management system is already partially in place, COMANCO’s job is to expand the system to reach new areas of the site. The expansion process requires the crew to weld a total of 8,700 LF of HDPE piping from ISCO:

  • 1100 LF of 18″ HDPE Landfill Gas Header (LFG) and Lateral Piping
  • 3800 LF of 4″ HDPE condensate (dewatering)
  • 3800 LF of 2″ HDPE air supply lines

In addition to welding, the crew must excavate level trenches to contain the pipes. Because these trenches must be the same depth, each trench is carefully measured with precision. COMANCO will also install 8 Gas wellheads and a 36″ diameter x 20 LF deep condensate sump pump to ensure the safe disposal of the gas and leachate. Ultimately, the new piping will be expertly connected to the preexisting system and the new disposal valves. 

Once completed, this system will transfer the gas to a renewable energy power plant. Utilizing the otherwise harmful gas will reduce carbon emissions by approximately 50,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per year and save the County an estimated annual amount of $1M in energy costs.

Our contribution to the Lena Road Landfill is an essential step in creating a more sustainable future for the residents of Manatee County. Learn the benefits of Gas Management Systems by following us on social media or checking out similar blogs

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