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Nevada Gold Mines Nominates COMANCO for DNA Award


Nevada Gold Mines Nominates COMANCO’s James Kile for a DNA Award

Nevada Gold Mines nominates COMANCO’s James Kile for a DNA Award under the “Zero Harm Workplace” category for his actions while on a pond reline project. According to the report from Nevada Gold Mines, James Kile recently used his Stop Work Responsibility when he noticed the Spreader Bar being used to deploy the liner had a small crack on one of the welds. James deemed this was unsafe to use and not up to the company’s standard. Despite the delay this would cause to the project, James personally transported the Spreader Bar into Elko to find a company that could re-weld and an engineer to re-certify. 

However, this turned out to be a challenging task. But, after visiting multiple companies within the Elko area, he got the equipment rewelded. He then re-transported the spreader bar back to the site to get re-certified by an engineer while being tested under a load. Yet, while performing the load test, a similar small crack was found on the opposite side of the spreader bar. So James once again used his stop-work responsibility and made another trip to town to get it repaired. This time, getting it re-certified by an engineer succeeded, and COMANCO returned to safely deploying liner on the project. 

James Kile’s actions show that COMANCO, as a whole, holds itself to a high standard regarding safety. This act demonstrated the responsibility, honesty, and integrity that goes into establishing great partnerships. Thank you, Nevada Gold Mines, for recognizing COMANCO’s, specifically James Kile’s, commitment to a zero-harm workplace! 


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