Live From The Field: Comanco Nears Completion of New Mirada Lagoon In Pasco County

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With gas prices averaging nearly $5/gal, who needs to drive to the beach once the lagoon in Pasco County is complete?

Save the gas and enjoy all the amenities the beach lagoon life has to offer. 

Soon, homeowners in Wesley Chapel won’t need to drive far to enjoy a relaxing day with sun and crystal clear water in Tampa Bay. This new massive, 15-acre lagoon custom-built for residents of the new Mirada community will have crystal-clear water, resort-style accommodations, swim-up bars, palm trees and sandy beaches for private residents.

The new Mirada lagoon installation uses a new 80-mil LLDPE smooth geomembrane, including several thousand square feet of wall liner and a polylock embedment strip.

As a new installation spanning nearly ten football fields, the new MetroPlaces lagoon for Mirada is the largest yet built for use by private residents. COMANCO is proud to be a part of this special project.




We are a COnstruction MANagement COmpany, and we’ve been in business for over three decades, serving the industry as an environmental, civil, and commercial construction company. We’ve built everything from landfills to lagoons.

COMANCO employs the latest technology to provide accurate reporting of every aspect of the job, using a proprietary computer program called CAAB® (Computer-Aided As-built), developed by COMANCO. This system provides a valuable material management tool by providing the customer with an AutoCAD® (.dxf) file. The file contains project details, including the location of each panel and every repair, including a three-dimensional drawing displaying all the elevations. 

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and are constantly looking for new ways to improve and innovate our processes through technology. COMANCO’s commitment to quality is evident in the many installations in service throughout the country.

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