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Construction of a New Landfill Cell in North Florida Kicks Off

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COMANCO is up and running on a new landfill cell located in North Florida.

The project will require installing more than 1.5 million SF each of 60mil HD White Reflective Geomembrane and 330mil Double Sided 8oz Nonwoven Geocomposite.

30,000 SF of 16oz Nonwoven Geotextile will be installed along the slope to provide a cushion layer for the geomembrane.

The geosynthetic system is then protected by a 2’ thick sand cover by hauling and placing more than 72,587 CY of sand throughout this 17-acre cell.

With the combined efforts of Superintendents Tony Sanchez, Martin Calderon, Foreman Carlos Garcia, and Leadman JJ Mitchell, COMANCO is off to a great start installing over 379,000 SF of Geomembrane and 235,000 Geocomposite along with 13,300 SF of geotextile.

Despite the Florida summer rains, the crew has been able to keep this project pushing forward with zero incidents thus far. Continue to check in as this crew continues to make progress.