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COMANCO Continues Making Progress on N Florida Landfill Expansion

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Recently, Superintendent Bill Newman and his team completed the subgrade interior of a 10-acre landfill expansion project in North Florida. Now that the cell interior subgrade is completed, it has been handed off to Supervisor Jonothan Mitchell, who will complete the perimeter road, soil cover, piping, and pump work. This includes a new transfer pump station to help remove the leachate water from the drainage system.

Upon completion, approximately 811,520sf of 60mil textured and MicroDrain® liner, along with 891,930sf of 330mil and 220mil Geocomposite, will be installed at the site. 

The expansion project will increase capacity for the new cell while protecting the environment from harmful rainfall run-off that would otherwise find its way into Florida’s waterways.

Great work, COMANCO!