COMANCO Employee Completes Class A CDL License Requirements

 COMANCO is proud to announce Superintendent Jorge Gomez Ruiz has completed all of the Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements to obtain his Class A Commercial Driver License (CDL).

To obtain a Commercial Driver License (CDL), an individual must pass skills and knowledge testing geared to these higher standards. Holding a Class A CDL License is a huge responsibility and is needed to operate any combination of vehicles with a GVWR of 26,0001 or more pounds provided the GVWR of the vehicle(s) being towed is more than 10,000 pounds.

Jorge’s training consisted of driving a truck at JD CDL, Inc.’s practice facility, on the road in real-world conditions, map reading, trip planning, and compliance with Department of Transportation laws. Additionally, the training consisted of detecting and identifying preventive maintenance problems on tractor-trailer units, backing, turning and hooking/unhooking an industry-standard 53ft trailer, and advanced truck driving techniques such as skid avoidance, breakaway trailer, and hydroplaning.

COMANCO takes great pride in both training and professional growth programs for our employees. 

Employee Success = Company Success!