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COMANCO’s 8 Technology Champions Shine at the HCSS User’s Group Meeting in Houston, Texas

The HCSS User’s Group Meeting held in the vibrant city of Houston served as a melting pot for industry leaders, technology enthusiasts, and construction professionals. COMANCO’s Technology Champions had a front-row seat to witness the unveiling of cutting-edge technologies, best practices, and collaborative solutions shaping the future of construction.

The champions consisted of experienced UGM attendees and a few new faces, bringing a unique dynamic to the team. The group, led by Safety Officer Dustin Tharp, attended multiple training sessions on HeavyJob, Dispatcher, HeavyBid, E360, Telematics, Safety, and more. 

A few quotes from the attendees:

“Even though I attended HCSS before, I took advantage of this opportunity by focusing on topics related to my new position and goals.” Jorge Barrantes, Employee Development Specialist 

“I was thoroughly impressed by the team of Technology Champions chosen to represent us at the HCSS UGM. Their enthusiasm for learning was palpable, and each member was eager to return and put their newfound knowledge into action.” Christine Topp, VP of Administration 

“There’s always room to learn and advance on other things.” Brittany Delgado, Dispatcher 

“Seeing great technology and brilliant minds in the construction industry is good. Having the initiative to provide the best technology possible was unexpected…but in a good way”. Clinton Kanyali, IT Manager

COMANCO’s proactive approach to embracing technological advancements in the construction industry was evident through its participation in the HCSS User’s Group Meeting. The event showcased the latest tools and technologies. It fostered a collaborative environment where ideas were exchanged, partnerships were formed, and a vision for the future of construction technology was collectively shaped. Now it’s time for us to work on putting the takeaways into practice!


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