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Orchard Hills Landfill: Davis Junction, IL


Orchard Hills Landfill: Transforming Waste into Innovation

Orchard Hills Landfill, located in Davis Junction, Illinois, is a facility that demonstrates how waste can be managed and utilized efficiently and innovatively, showcasing advancements in waste management and environmental care.

Harnessing Waste:

Its advanced gas collection system is at the core of Orchard Hills‘ transformation. Through intricate networks of pipes and geomembranes, methane – a potent greenhouse gas emitted during waste decomposition – is captured and converted into clean energy. This process reduces harmful emissions and generates power for local communities, showcasing the landfill’s commitment to sustainability. Orchard Hills takes proactive measures to protect the environment. A leachate treatment plant purifies contaminated fluids, preventing potential harm to surrounding ecosystems.

COMANCO: Partners in Progress

Orchard Hills Landfill shows effective waste management and environmental responsibility, setting a high standard for sustainability. At COMANCO, we support municipalities in pursuing innovative waste solutions. Through our expertise in geosynthetic installations and gas mitigation systems, we help transform landfill waste into valuable resources, contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

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