Technology Safety in Construction

Technology Safety in Construction: Stay Ahead with COMANCO Technology at COMANCO: At COMANCO, safety is more than just wearing hard hats and steel-toed boots. We understand that safety extends beyond physical well-being and includes the protection of our digital assets …

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COMANCO attends CONEXPO 2023

COMANCO attends CONEXPO 2023 in Las Vegas COMANCO attends CONEXPO 2023 in Las Vegas to see what’s new in the world of construction equipment and technology. CONEXPO is hosted every three years in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is the largest …

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COMANCO Completes GPS Training

COMANCO Completes GPS Training with SiTECH COMANCO completes GPS training with SiTech. This February, twenty COMANCO employees took a deeper dive into technology by participating in heavy equipment GPS training. The day started with classroom lectures, studying operational manuals, and working …

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2023 IAGI Membership

COMANCO Receives 2023 IAGI Membership Certificate Our 2023 IAGI Membership Certificate has arrived! COMANCO is a proud annual member of the International Association of Geosynthetic Installers (IAGI). Members join IAGI so they can stay updated on the latest technology, and …

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Data Driven Construction Solutions

Compared to other industries, construction is lagging when it comes to utilizing technology for the advancement of our vocation. COMANCO’s construction services, however, do not lag. Our valued customers are owed improved, safer, more efficient ways to produce enhancements to …

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From the desk of General Super – QC, Robert Lung: Fast and accurate testing of sample welds (a.k.a. Prewelds) and destructive test samples are done with COMANCO’s ground-breaking ‘5 Head Tensiometer’.  This machine allows for one full test – meaning …

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