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FMI: Project Manager Academy

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COMANCO Attends FMI’s Project Manager Academy

Project management is the backbone of thriving organizations, providing the essential framework for success in an ever-evolving business landscape. The FMI Project Manager Academy has emerged to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, recognizing the importance of mastering the skills to plan, execute, and monitor projects efficiently. 

COMANCO’s leadership team recently participated in the FMI Project Manager Academy in Tampa, FL, and Raleigh, NC. This program, led by industry experts, immerses participants in real-world scenarios, equipping them with the expertise to tackle challenges in their professional journeys. The academy cultivates a systematic approach to project execution, empowering individuals to navigate uncertainties that may arise throughout the project lifecycle.

Central to the FMI Project Manager Academy is cultivating leadership skills, emphasizing the ability to motivate and guide teams toward shared objectives. The academy’s comprehensive training ensures tasks are completed punctually, within budget, and by specified scopes. Moreover, the program provides invaluable networking opportunities, enabling participants to connect and build their professional network. Because we rely on individuals with adept project management capabilities, this training enhances our team’s skills and is a strategic imperative for COMANCO’s success.

Congratulations to the ten employees who recently completed this course, and thank you to the instructors at FMI for investing time and resources in our team. 


COMANCO is an environmental, commercial, and civil construction company specializing in constructing containment facilities.

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