Technology Can Change the Game in Geosynthetics Installation


It is without question that technology is revolutionizing the entire construction industry. From residential to environmental, every sector is gaining new tools and more time with the innovations of the 21st century. However, despite the advancements made in the last several decades, technology is often still met with resistance. 

As the old adage goes: You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But if the dog wants to see a few extra treats in its bowl, it might be time for him to wag his tail over to the nearest Best Buy. 

In every construction project, there are multiple stakeholders. When it comes to an environmental project, we are often the small geosynthetic piece of a larger puzzle. There are owners, engineers, general contractors, subcontractors, and others involved, all from different companies. When technology is intentionally utilized and implemented correctly, it doesn’t benefit just our piece but rather the entire group. 



Like most industries, in construction, time is money. At COMANCO, we believe in accomplishing our work efficiently while not swaying from our high quality standards. Technology supports our work as a geosynthetics installation contractor by enhancing our time efficiency and providing vital information early on in our construction process.


Mobile Devices and Applications

There are many moving parts of an ongoing geosynthetics installation project. From tracking crew members’ timecards to detailing seam weld tests, it’s crucial to maintain easy access to information and communication to all of our field and office teammates.

With the use of smartphones and tablets, digital software, and other accessible tools, vital project aspects are available to our field and office staff with the click of a button.


Cloud-Based Data

If there’s any way to kill project productivity, it’s time-consuming paperwork. With cloud-based data software tools, hours of work can be saved, allowing that time to be allocated to focusing on the project itself. 

Having data digitally stored also allows for crucial information to be provided to operations teams in almost real-time. As any project manager knows, the fresher the information, the more useful it is. Our team can ensure the scope of work is completed within estimated timeframes and that production rates are as expected. And if they aren’t, the team has that information early enough to strategize proper corrections.

This ability to have a proactive versus retroactive approach sets up the entire project for success. 


Autonomous Devices

With the development of autonomous tools has come a faster data acquisition rate. For example, at COMANCO, we utilize drones and autonomous boats for our hydrographic and topographic surveying. Paired with our data software, our report generation turnaround is in a matter of weeks, sometimes days! 

This reporting efficiency once again minimizes time spent pouring over papers, allowing crews to focus on the project’s execution. And, as all of us know, time saved is equal to money earned.

Despite the digital advancements made, there is still much more progress ahead of us. Some estimates say new technological solutions could increase the construction industry’s output by $1.6 trillion per year.

Whether it’s your local landfill or the new house up the block, technology has the ability to enhance the efficiency and quality of any construction project.