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COMANCO Crew Begins Work Despite Ongoing Battle with COVID-19

Despite dealing with the ongoing battle of COVID-19, our COMANCO crews continue working. One crew is in the beginning phase of what will one day become a 15-acre swimming lagoon. The lagoon will coincide with the amenity center for a new Crystal Lagoons® development located in San Antonio, Florida.

The crew, led by Superintendent Tommy Terry, is currently installing the Polylock embed for the project. The embed is custom cut, and then heat fusion welded together, allowing the embed to be locked into the concrete. Once the concrete cures, it will create a seamless, flush surface to tie into when the liner deployment begins.

In preparation for the next steps, the crew works to ensure all the underground, mechanical, and electrical work is being completed alongside the concrete work currently being performed. Once completed, the lagoon basin will be fine graded and compacted before the liner is installed.

When the project is deemed ready for liner, the crew will move forward to install a white 80-mil LLDPE liner. This process will be one of the last steps to help complete the newest Crystal Lagoons® project.

This crew is working quickly and efficiently to make sure this phase of the project is completed successfully, in hopes of being able to start the next step as soon as possible.