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Progress Made on Lake County Landfill

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COMANCO is making substantial progress on Lake County Landfill located in Central Florida

The team has been working hard and making significant progress toward the final closure of Phase III at the Lake County Landfill. The crew is currently deploying the liner on the toe drain trench and tie-in.  As well as welding it to the existing liner and preparing the subgrade for the liner.

The project includes a variety of tasks like subgrade preparation, liner installation, protective cover installation, stormwater water system installation, and sodding. Once completed, the project will isolate the waste from the environment.

One thing that makes this project unique for COMANCO is that we are doing the earthwork and liner installation on a tight schedule. Therefore, it’s an excellent opportunity for the team to show off their skills and expertise. Safety, quality, and service are top priorities for COMANCO. They even started preparing to hit the ground running before the Notice to Proceed, with survey and equipment mobilization.

The job site covers approximately 5.5 acres and requires 240,000 SF of 40mil LLDPE DS Textured Geomembrane and 235,000 SF of 330 Mil DS Geocomposite Non-Woven materials provided by Skaps Industries.  Overall, COMANCO is making significant progress on the Lake County Landfill project and is confident in its ability to finish it successfully.


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