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New Landfill Cell Completion in Central Florida

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COMANCO’s Timely Project Completion at Landfill in Central Florida

Exciting progress is underway at COMANCO as we approach the final stages of completing an impressive 8.5-acre landfill cell in Central Florida! Our dedicated team has tackled various tasks. Including earthwork, grading, and liner installation, to establish an additional cell for efficient waste storage. This project has truly showcased the expertise and commitment of our team members.

We want to acknowledge the outstanding contributions of Superintendents Bill Newman and Tommy Terry. Their invaluable efforts, supported by the expertise of Foreman Billy Wilson, have been instrumental in the seamless execution of this endeavor. Their professional management of unexpected challenges and proactive adjustments to our plans have ensured that we remain on course for a successful completion.

The project involved the installation of high-quality materials from trusted suppliers, including 363,000 SF of 60mil HDPE DS Textured Geomembrane sourced from Agru & 274,000 SF of 40mil HDPE DS Textured liner for the rain tarp. Also, 360,000 SF of 200mil DS Geocomposite and Geotextile from Skaps and the rock was supplied by Conrad Yelvington. Our team covered an expansive area of approximately 8.5 acres, ensuring a robust and reliable waste management solution.

As we near the conclusion of COMANCO’s Geosynthetics project at the Central Florida landfill. Accordingly, we express our sincere appreciation for the remarkable efforts demonstrated by our team. Therefore, by effectively managing uncertainties and staying adaptable in the face of project changes, we have guaranteed the timely completion of this endeavor. The success of this project will have a significant positive impact on the local population. Chiefly as it provides ample space for waste disposal and accommodates the debris generated by the recent Hurricane Ian. Together, we are making a difference in waste management and environmental preservation!

COMANCO’s dedication and ability to overcome challenges demonstrate its commitment to delivering high-quality results. Contact us here to learn how we can partner with you on your next project!


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