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COMANCO Completes New HydroTurf® Pond Installation in Tampa

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COMANCO Completes New HydroTurf® Pond Installation in Tampa for a Local Power Plant

COMANCO recently completed a new HydroTurf® installation for a power plant in Tampa. This remediation project will improve the containment pond’s functionality and longevity, ensuring a cleaner and more sustainable environment for the plant’s operations. {Watch Project Video}

Project Overview & Stats

Located in Tampa, Florida, this 4-acre project involved a comprehensive approach to erosion control within a pond utilized for process water treatment. First, our team began by demucking the pond, regrading the slopes, and filling in the pond bottom. We also replaced damaged sheet pilings and concrete structures with new, high-quality materials. For more details on the initial stages of this project, see our last project update, “COMANCO Progresses on Pond Remediation.”

HydroTurf Installation

Once we created a stable foundation and could ensure proper drainage, we began relining the pond using 65,000 SF of AGRU 50mil HDPE Super Gripnet. Following the liner, we installed an equal amount of Watershed Geo‘s HydroTurf® as a protective cover. Watershed Geo’s HydroTurf is an innovative erosion control solution and the most unique aspect of this project. HydroTurf® reinforces hydraulic structures, offering the aesthetics of vegetation but with better performance. It is also significantly less costly and has a reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional methods. Once installed over the liner, the HydroTurf® is filled with HydroBinder®, “resulting in a fiber-reinforced high-strength concrete matrix.” (Watershedgeo.com/products/hydroturf/) Finally, we installed a weed boom to complete the project and prevent unwanted debris and vegetation from entering the pond.

Overcoming Challenges With Safety

One challenge our team faced throughout the project was the uncertain muck depth within the pond. To combat this, our team strategically placed equipment pads to ensure a stable working environment for the crane. This safety measure exemplifies COMANCO’s core values, which include protecting our crew members above all else.

Significance and Impact

This remediation project significantly improved the functionality and longevity of the power plant’s pond. The stabilized base, regraded slopes, and reinforced shoreline will prevent erosion and ensure optimal water flow. The installed HydroTurf® will stabilize the shoreline and enhance the pond’s overall aesthetic. Most importantly, this project contributes to a cleaner environment by preventing sediment runoff and ensuring the quality of the process water used by the power plant.

COMANCO’s Expertise

This project exemplifies COMANCO’s expertise in complex protective systems. Our team’s proficiency in installing diverse containment and erosion control methods makes us one of the geosynthetics industry’s most trusted and sought-after contractors. We are proud to deliver sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for our clients. Contact COMANCO today to partner with us and receive a free quote on your next project!


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