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COMANCO Progresses on Pond Remediation

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COMANCO Progresses on Pond Remediation for Power Plant

COMANCO is progressing on a pond remediation project for a power plant located in Tampa. During the process, we have been careful to ensure the plant’s continued operation. The crew mobilized to the site in late 2023. First, they established a designated work area. Then, they delivered over 3,800 CY of material, including engineered fill (MSE), structural fill, and some hardpan.

The core challenge of the project has been to efficiently demuck the pond, creating a stable work surface for the subsequent phases. The project is ongoing, with efforts focused on deploying a liner, grading the pond floor and slopes, and compacting the prepared surfaces. The liner being used for this project is Agru 50mil HDPE Super Gripnet. Additionally, initial work on turf installation has already begun.

A significant safety feature of this project is the use of crane pads on the soft soil around the pond. These specialized pads provide a level foundation for heavy machinery like cranes. This stability ensures they don’t sink or tip over. This safety measure protects the crane operator and nearby personnel. It also minimizes the risk of equipment damage due to uneven ground, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to safety.

Moreover, crane pads provide environmental protection by reducing soil disturbance, a concern in sensitive areas where erosion or contamination could occur. Crane pads are an initial investment that offers long-term cost savings by minimizing the need for ground repairs and potential accidents that could lead to downtime and damage.

With our steadfast commitment to efficiency and safety, COMANCO is confidently on track to complete this power plant project within the next few months, ensuring a smooth and secure operation.


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