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Geosynthetic Liner Protecting the Environment

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How can Geosynthetic liners be used to protect the environment? 

In this blog, we will show one of the ways Geosynthetic liners can protect the environment at a landfill site in Central Florida. 

Geosynthetic liners play a crucial role in preventing environmental contamination and ensuring the safe disposal of waste. Correspondingly, for this project, we are currently installing the primary Geosynthetic layer. Consisting of 1,320,670 SF of 60mil HDPE Textured Geomembrane layer from AGRU.  As well as 655,400 SF of 300mil Double-Sided Geocomposite from Skaps. 

The team has already finished installing the secondary composite on the floor and has moved on to the slope. Thus, the crew is now focusing on installing the primary layer of the Geomembrane. As they approach three-quarters of the way in the cell before dropping back and installing the primary composite.

Therefore, once completed, this project will provide Waste Connections with a new Class I landfill cell to dispose of Class I waste safely. The geosynthetic liner will help contain rainwater within the landfill cell, preventing it from running off into the surrounding areas and potentially affecting the environment. The rainwater is directed to a sump location where it is safely removed without causing harm. Despite challenges posed by adverse weather conditions such as wind and rain, the team at COMANCO is persevering to ensure the project’s success and the protection of the environment.

Geosynthetic liners, like the ones being utilized in this project, are essential for safeguarding our environment by preventing contamination and maintaining the integrity of landfill sites. Through their expertise and dedication. COMANCO is positively impacting by implementing effective measures to protect the environment for future generations.

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