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COMANCO Makes International Impact

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COMANCO Makes International Impact. Our Reputation For Excellence Creates International Opportunities. 

COMANCO’s quality service has earned the company international renown as a top influencer in the global Geosynthetic market. Recently, COMANCO, upon request from the Crystal Lagoon Latin America Team, had the opportunity to bring our expert installation techniques to a project in Cartagena, Colombia. COMANCO, though not performing this installation, is acting as the consultant for the developer, AED Contractors, on the technical aspects of lagoon installation. Our expertise allows us to teach local installation contractors how to properly install the Crystal Lagoon Liner so that it maintains containment integrity while staying aesthetically pleasing. 

David Ramirez, Tommy Terry, Miguel Medrano, Jorge Barrantes, and Alejandro Loza have been directing the consultation services for AED as their local team completes the project under our guidance. Superintendent Tommy Terry and Foreman Miguel Medrano advised on the welding and installation of the concrete embedment strip for wall attachments. Superintendent Jorge Barrantes and Superintendent Alejandro Loza advised on the liner installation and the best welding practices. 

White Liner is notoriously difficult to install due to the bright color accentuating the welding seams. Crystal Lagoon’s decision to bring on COMANCO as their consultant for the project speaks to the quality of work we have done for them in the past. Each project we take on, we complete with the same level of excellence, proficiency, and skill, earning COMANCO the reputation as an industry leader and global influence in the geosynthetic market. 


COMANCO is an environmental, commercial, and civil construction company specializing in the construction of containment facilities and is the nation’s leading service provider to the geosynthetics marketplace. 

COMANCO is the standing quality leader for installing liner and geosynthetics in the United States and now globally. Most of our crew members have over five years of experience, ensuring your project is completed on schedule and at or below budget.

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