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When to Call a Professional for Geosynthetic Services


When should you call a professional for geosynthetic services?

When maintaining geosynthetics, you don’t want to wait for Spring to do your cleaning! Unfortunately, liner damage isn’t strictly seasonal, making this process somewhat unpredictable. So, you need a team of professionals ready for action when your geosynthetic system requires attention. 

At COMANCO, our crew is prepared for anything. Last week, we had the opportunity to help a client manage their geosynthetic storage pond at the perfect time. We did this by removing and cleaning the existing liner next to a new divider dyke. Once this step was complete, COMANCO installed new liner on the east side of the Dyke and tied it into the existing liner to seal the pond and prevent leaks.

This project will help our client manage pond water levels, requiring around 41,710 SF of AGRU 60mil Textured HDPE Liner. The pond is designed to prevent pollutants from entering the water supply. With quality as our top priority, COMANCO is the preferred geosynthetic installer for protecting the environment.

Our team is qualified to complete a wide range of trusted services, from liner inspections and repairs to turnkey environmental construction projects. Contact COMANCO for a quality-assured experience and receive a free quote on your next project. 


COMANCO is a leading environmental, commercial, and civil construction company specializing in constructing containment facilities. 

Are you interested in COMANCO’s worldwide impact? Environmental construction projects utilize our geosynthetic systems across the globe. Explore our services to see how we can help your industry achieve sustainable outcomes.  

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