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COMANCO Mobilizes on Disposal Facility

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COMANCO Mobilizes on a Construction and Debris Disposal Facility 

COMANCO mobilizes on a Construction and Debris Disposal Facility located in West Florida. First, our team provides a safe and durable closure system for Cell Four. The next step is to install the geosynthetic layers for Cell Five. This cell requires 200mil Geocomposite, 60mil Liner, and 250mil Geocomposite for the overfill slope. Then we will follow with the cell floor, constructed using 60mil liner, GCL, and 250mil Geocomposite. Finally, COMANCO will install the Rain Tarp over the overfill slope and the cell floor to complete the closure.  

All materials are provided by AGRU, including the Geomembrane, GCL, Geocomposite, Rain Tarp, HDPE weld rod, bentonite powder, UV sandbags, and seatbelt webbing for the rain cover ballast. Once this Landfill Closure is complete, COMANCO will have installed;

  • 79,330 SF of Geocomposite for the Drainage Layer
  • 583,470 SF of 60mil Textured HDPE Geomembrane
  • 4,140 SF of Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL)
  • 6,760 of 200mil Geocomposite for the Odor Mitigation System 
  • 77,822 SF of Rain Tarp

Our team of professionals is highly trained in providing sustainable, geosynthetic disposal systems. COMANCO employs expert technicians, installers, and operators who consistently achieve the highest safety and quality standards. To discover more about our Landfill services, view similar projects on our blog or contact COMANCO today to discuss your environmental construction needs.  


COMANCO is an environmental, commercial, and civil construction company specializing in constructing containment of facilities.

For over 30 years, COMANCO has sought new, more efficient ways to provide Safe and Quality Service to our customers. As a result, we are the nation’s leading service provider to the geosynthetics marketplace. Learn more about the variety of services we offer throughout the continental U.S. and internationally. 

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